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Shaping the way Technologies are used In Education

By Students,  Administrators and Academicians


Started by professionals with combined experience of over 100 person years in almost all aspects of learning technologies, GreenClouds is set up with the vision of "Putting Education on the clouds and of making Opportunities for Employment and gainful Engagement accessible to all". We believe that by providing cutting edge cloud solutions for the education and employment sectors we can help in making opportunities for education and employment, relevant, inclusive and accessible.

Our development philosophy is anchored on three core principles of Simplicity, Speed and Reliability.Our emphasis is on Functionality, Engineering, Aesthetics, Security, scalability and Compliance. We believe that we can make significant contribution to the education and employment markets through thoughtful functionality, aesthetic design & engineering excellence.

Our Clients


"For the last three years, thanks to the excellent service provided by Greenclouds, we have reached the goal of becoming both flawless and paperless in conducting admissions. Our online application facility has worked without glitches since the beginning"

alliance university
the skills academynmatby gmac

" Our student application and selection process was conducted effectively and seamlessly across multiple centres. The online interview assessment recording system made it possible to reliably consolidate data across locations and complete the process timely. "

nmatby gmac

"Applications, Referrals and Eligibility check was all conducted online with reliability and ease; a stress free experience. The dashboard provided us real time information that was valuable in finalising our admission processes. The service was backed by excellent back-end support in real time and all the time"

nmatby gmac

" Ease of registration, reliability in performance and consistency in quality makes Formistry our preferred choice "

the skills academy

"Our new website has made a big difference in the way we are presented. For the 1st time the query "distance learning management" on google returns IMT CDL as the first non-ad entry! It is a leap from where we were just a few weeks ago" .

Our Team

The promoter and CEO of GreenClouds is NICHOLAS GEORGE. Nicholas , a graduate of Loyola College, Chennai and an alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur, started and successfully led NIIT Learning Technology Business, NIIT Imperia, NIIT Learning Services among many others. He was instrumental in building Synclearn, a virtual Classroom product. Nicholas has built many Learning management systems and has engaged with global customers from publishing, technology OEMS, certification providers, universities, state bodies, and Fortune 100 companies. He was an advisory board member at Apollo Medvarsity and was part of Indian National Technology curriculum committee

Supporting Nicholas is a team of technology evangelists, developers, analysts and designers. As a company we are constantly looking for better ways in which technology can be used smartly to deliver products and services. Which essentially means exploring the latest open source technologies and constantly learning new skills. Our endeavour is to make our workplace a place of PERFORMANCE, LEARNING & FUN. Our greatest high is to hear Clients say good things about the work we do.

Our team brings energies, new thoughts, differences, debate, diversity, perseverence and loads of belief in their ability to do what may seem impossible at the start.

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